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Monday, December 17, 2007

Lookin' good!

Looks like the transfer went all right afterall. I was kinda worried, since the transcript from the bank did not show half of the information needed... I was already planning intricate conversations in my head: things to yell at the bank people. "Hooow could you screw this up, you sorry excuse for a human being" - you know, all the works. ;) But today I've received an email - from the best customer service I have encountered so far:

Dear G[...]
I am writing to inform you that today we have received your payment[...]. Thank you very much. We are planning to dispatch the TERRA-P to you tomorrow. I let you know about the shipment additionally.
With kind regards,


G said...

Got notified again:
"Dear G[...]

I am pleased to inform you that today we have dispatched the TERRA-P device to you via air-mail. Kindly ask you to inform me when you receive it.Thank you in advance."

danex said...


grats mate, you just officially entered the 21st century. you got yourself a gf over the internet!

G said...

LOL:) Yeah right. This really sounded like a love letter;))) I'm wondering how you made this wonderful deduction?:)

danex said...

hint: looots of beer. :-D