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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post zero

Just not to leave this blog lingering around, I will make a post - let's call it "post zero". The blog will begin, as soon as I make up my mind about the trip to Chernobyl. My intetnions are, that after a definitive decision I will hopefully start to document the preparations and the tour in the Zone itself.
If you are interested, please check back in a month or two.

Disclaimer, please read carefully

Before we start, we shall take care of some legal business. Its meant to cover our bases in the case unanticipated events, and from readers (idiots) who believe that other people should think and assess dangers for them. So before you go out in the wild and do something stupid, please read this:

Although we do believe there are no health related consequences of a short term visit to Chernobyl, the ultimate responsibility lies on the reader. The authors of this site bear no responsibility and are not liable - including but not limited to: health damage, potential loss of life, loss of property or finances as a result of using information published on this site. Please interpret published data, measurement values and figures with caution, take them rather as recommendations than facts.
- If you find a significant source of radiation with your Geiger counter / dose rate meter, immediately call the police or the proper law enforcement agency in your country. Do not try to disassemble or dispose of the source yourself, leave the area immediately to minimize exposure. Geiger counters designed for low to medium radiation levels can get saturated when exposed to extreme levels of radiation, and give false readings. Such devices are not suitable to survey the environment in the unlikely event of a nuclear disaster or attack.
- This site is not recognized or endorsed by any official institution. This site is not endorsing in any way particular radiological instruments, or other equipment. We are not connected in any ways to manufacturers, tour organizers etc.