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Friday, October 10, 2008

Not my trip to Chernobyl... ...yet.

It's been almost a year now, that we made this website with my friend Danex. Sadly enough, we have not visited the Zone yet. I don't really know how Danex feels about this, but there is a strong yet from my side. I still want to go, its more a matter of when, and not if.
As you could see from the number of post, the "project" is on hold currently. Let's see someones pictures from a trip to Chernobyl. Thanks for the link from a kind unknow, who posted it on my other website. (In Hungarian, sorry.) So let's look at those photos, shall we?

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Unknown said...

Hi, I've been in Chernobil. This is a dead city. I have been to Kiev I was there for almost a week, and at the end of my journey I found the tour to Chernobil. It was unforgettable. I advise everyone to go there, you will understand how the city may quickly die ...