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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Customer service

I've done a little research on my own regarding the Geiger counters. I would like to have one, unless it costs an arm and a leg. So I've started to dig up some sites, have a look at e-bay and I've found one device, called Terra-P from an Ukrainian manufacturer. (Will write about the device itself some other time.) It is small, portable and not too expensive. Maybe it is not an "object of desire" like danex's Victoreen, but it might be more useful and somewhat accurate. Although I will miss the retro look:)
So I've contacted the manufacturer "Ekotect" and received a fast reply from a very nice and helpful lady, called Oxana - supposedly their sales department manager. The price of the device is acceptable, although I found the shipping price somewhat high. After I asked if it would be possible to find another ways delivery, Oxana contacted me through ICQ right away and offered me several different options. After we agreed on one, she even reserved one device for me...
That's what I take as excellent and personal customer service. I was very pleased with that. It's extremely annoying when you want to contact a company, and have to follow through endless automated forms / phone-bots and the like to actually be able to communicate with a human.
I will most probably make an order when I get home from Oxford, and will tell more about the device itself.


danex said...

How much slovakistan dineros is that gonna be like?

G said...

Well, I'll rather say the price in euros. The device is 98 Euros + shipping.